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RK Equity Advisors is a leading proprietary research

and capital markets advisory firm with a global reach focused on the lithium-ion battery materials supply chain.

Our Initiatives


Lithium-ion Bull is a periodic commentary about the companies supplying lithium and other raw materials.

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The Lithium-ion Rocks! podcast focuses on fundamental equity analysis and offers

perspectives from C-suite executives, industry analysts and Wall Street investors.

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Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper frequently publish articles and are involved in interviews.

Their insights have been published on platforms such as INN and Mining Beacon.


About us

In a Nutshell

What we do

RK Equity advises a variety of corporates and investors across the lithium-ion

battery and technology metals supply chain.

A Global Reach

Based in New York City and Cape Town South Africa, RK Equity’s clients and audience reach over 50 countries in North and South America, Europe, Australasia and Africa.


Our Team

RK Equity is led by Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper, each with over 25 years’ experience 

in investment banking, portfolio management, corporate advisory, 

equity and derivatives sales and investor relations.

Our Services

  • Proprietary industry and equity research

  • Expert capital markets and structuring advisory

  • Bespoke investor relations solutions & capital introduction.


Our Clients

  • Producing and developing resource issuers

  • Institutional hedge funds

  • Mutual funds

  • Private equity

  • Family offices

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Our Team

Howard Klein

Howard founded boutique capital markets advisory firm RK Equity in 2002. 


He has over 25 years capital markets and investing experience across multiple investment themes in natural resources, including, gold, iron ore and lithium. From 1997-2001 Howard led the institutional equity sales desk of SG Cowen Securities focused on the EMEA region, as well as Japan. 


Howard spent the first 5 years of his career as an analyst focused on privatization in Eastern Europe at Thomson Financial and as an investment banker in Budapest, Hungary.  Howard holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan and an M.B.A. in Finance from Columbia University.


Howard speaks regularly at investment conferences and to the financial media about the disruptive battery metals thematic.

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Rodney Hooper

Rodney started his career in asset management in 1992 and became a portfolio manager and head of derivatives and quantitative research. He has previously been ranked amongst the top 3 derivatives analysts in the independent Financial Mail surveys.


From 2005-2008, based in London, he ran a proprietary mining book for a large bank focusing on early stage commodity companies, in particular, iron ore, copper and nickel. From 2009 - 2015 Rodney ran the South African equity derivatives desk for Macquarie Bank and sat on the executive committee. Since 2015 he has been providing energy vehicle battery metals research and investment advisory to clients. 


Rodney holds a B.A. honours degree in Economics from the University of Natal and a CFA. In addition, he is a fellow of the Institute of Financial Markets in South Africa.


Rodney regularly publishes articles on key lithium battery issues and individual share reports.

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Lithium-ion Rocks, Rock Stock Channel and Lithium-ion Bull are periodic publications, written and/or produced by RK Equity Advisors, LLC. In this article/episode and any other newsletters, podcasts or videos Howard Klein and/or RK Equity affiliate Rodney Hooper may share some rationale for a stock in which we have some conviction – for or against – and may own directly in our own retirement or taxable accounts. If you agree or disagree with and act on or against the rationale of anything written in this or any other Lithium-ion Bull or Lithium-ion Rocks! podcast or Rock Stock Channel video, that is your free choice. But to be clear, the commentary you’re reading, hearing or seeing is not investment advice, nor a recommendation and may not be unbiased. RK Equity, Howard Klein and Rodney Hooper are not registered investment advisors nor a broker-dealer.  We may act, or may have acted in the past, as a financial advisor, or capital raiser for certain of the companies mentioned herein and may receive, or may have received, remuneration for services from those companies. Howard Klein, Rodney Hooper, RK Equity may make purchases and/or sales of securities mentioned here-in from time to time, subject, of course, to restricted periods in which we may possess material, non-public information. As of December 12, 2020 RK Equity, Howard Klein or Rodney Hooper own securities in Mineral Resources, Piedmont Lithium, E3 Metals Corp, Albermarle, Livent, European Metals Holdings, Bacanora, Critical Elements, Frontier Lithium, Camino Corp, Talon Metals, Nouveau Monde Graphite and have or have had over the past 60 months fee-paying advisory assignments with Western Lithium/Lithium Americas, CleanTeq, Millennial Lithium, Altura Mining, E3 Metals Corp, NeoMetals, Critical Elements, Nouveau Monde Graphite, Kidman Resources, Nemaska, Camino Corp, Bacanora, European Metals Holdings, Savannah Resources, Talon Metals, Lithium Power International and Piedmont Lithium. The information contained herein is not financial advice and whether in part or in its entirety, neither constitutes an offer nor makes any recommendation to buy or sell any securities.