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Investors continue to wait on the sidelines to see if the lithium market will bounce back from the lows seen this year — but will that happen in 2020?


#Benchmark2019 #Cathodes2019 #Lithium To understand more about the current state of the lithium sector and how investors should approach this down season, the Investing News Network caught up with Howard Klein, founder of RK Equity.

"Speaking with the Investing News Network (INN) at Mines and Money New York, Founder of RK Equity Howard Klein said lithium investors should expect supply to continue to fall short.

“I think it’s very important to look at which projects are currently in construction and funded, and expect that their targets are going to be late in terms of when they’re going to come on stream, and you should expect to haircut the volumes and potentially the quality of what you have,” said Klein.

He added that, because of disappointing supply, the ongoing oversupply narrative won’t be as hard hitting and will inevitably end up as a supply shortage instead."

"At this year's PDAC, INN caught up with Howard Klein, founder of RK Equity.


Due to poor policies and planning, the U.S. is now lagging behind competitors China and Germany in the fight for electric vehicles dominance and battery supply chain, this according to Howard Klein, founder and partner of RK Equity. 

“It’s 100% a function of politics. Under the Obama Administration and the Democrats, they were very much on par with European sentiment on global warming and climate change and other support for this industry,” Klein told Kitco News on the sidelines of the Mines and Money New York conference.
Klein noted that although the Trump Administration is more pro-fossil fuels, it is also more pro-mining. to talk about lithium, top producers and what's next for juniors."

"Interview conducted by Investing News at PDAC on March 5, 2019. At this year's PDAC, INN caught up with Howard Klein, founder of RK Equity, to talk about lithium, top producers and what's next for juniors."


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